The wheel of excellence

Our employees are our most important resource. Because of this, we are constantly focusing on developing and upgrading our own professional and personal skills and qualifications as they are decisive for operating a modern and ambitious law firm.

Skau Reipurth & Partnere’s Wheel of Excellence is a table of skills developed in 2013 for the purpose of determining the professional and personal skills and qualifications that we find necessary in order to deliver results and legal advice at the highest professional standards.

The Wheel of Excellence provides an insight into what we demand and expect of ourselves as a business. Naturally, it is not a condition for being on our team that you possess all the skills and qualifications of the Wheel of Excellence. However, we consistently and determinedly work to develop or upgrade the relevant skills and qualifications of each employee that are part of the Wheel of Excellence.

As a result, the Wheel of Excellence has multiple functions as it works as a recruiting and human resource development tool as well as a general indicator of our development and goals.

Furthermore, we have decided to make our values and our expectations of ourselves as transparent as possible. In this way our clients and business partners know exactly what we aim at achieving and what they can expect from us.