William Bille Meyling (2020)

In 2020, William Bille Meyling has been given Skau Reipurth & Partnere’s “Next Generation Award” (DKK 25,000) as an acknowledgement of his talent, hard work and passion for programming.

Having a creative mindset, William has already achieved remarkable results. In addition, he is passionate about learning, and he never stops refining his skills.

On Friday 27 november 2020 William was presented with the Next Generation Award through Teams, where everyone at Skau Reipurth & Partnere participated.

About William Bille Meyling

In the spring of 2020, 19-year old William Bille Meyling won the title as “Young Scientist of the Year 2020 – Senior” ahead of hundreds of other young people. Young Scientists, which is Denmark’s largest science talent competition, is organized by Astra – the Danish National Centre for Learning in Science, Technology and Health – and is under the patronage of HRH Prince Joachim. After William won the competition, numerous scientific articles and radio interviews, a prize of DKK 25,000 and the participation in two international science competitions followed.

William has developed an algorithm which can identify all parts of an image automatically and without any user input. The algorithm’s building blocks are, among other things, central to self-driving cars, but what is particularly revolutionary is William’s innovative method. He segmented 6,900 images and wrote the code from scratch.

From childhood, William knew what the word programming meant, and he started developing websites from an early age. It aroused a curiosity in him, and he had to pursue it.

However, William’s professional development is a result of diligence and hard work. For a period of time, he attended high school, worked part-time and ”practised” each night. A busy and very educational period.

Programming is like LEGO bricks – I innovate and use my creativity

The young scientist often participates in computer science camps in Denmark and abroad, and he solves online computer science assignments where he is motivated by transparent results and by working under time pressure.

And only the best results are good enough.

In the summer of 2020, William began studying computer science at the University of Copenhagen. He is passionate about the professional journey and about strengthening and refining his skills, but at the same time he thinks about how his future will turn out. Time will tell whether it will be within the field of research or entrepreneurship, but one thing is clear: William’s dedication pays off as his long-time dream is becoming a reality.

I smile when I wake up in the morning, because I am looking forward to a life where I combine education and work with my biggest hobby